Wanbo Newly Upgraded Brand Strives to Become the World Leading Smart Projector Brand

On 25th September 2023, Wanbo announced the official launch of its newly upgraded brand image globally, with "Enjoy The Unlimited" as the brand slogan, and the launch of its flagship projector series, Mozart, which will be available in the global market in Q4 quarter. With the continuous development of the market, Wanbo has already landed in 23 countries and regions, with a cumulative total of more than 5 million users. In order to better promote the global brand building, Wanbo has carried out a new brand upgrade for its product series, brand logo, brand positioning and user UI experience.



The newly upgraded Wanbo takes "SMART PROJECTOR FOR CREATIVE PEOPLE" as its positioning and "EXPLORE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES OF LIGHT AND SHADOW" as its brand mission.  we are committed to becoming the global leading brand of innovative entertainment projector, and integrating the "Freedom & Unlimited" into the brand gene.



The new "Wanbo Blue" brand logo has higher colour saturation and stronger visual expressiveness; it adopts the Wanbo English font as the LOGO, the English adopts a rounded and full style, which is simple and intuitive without too much modification, and the letter "w" is angled at an angle of 80°. By processing the letter "w" at an angle of 80°, we get a perfect angle, and 8 inverted is exactly the symbol of infinity ∞, which perfectly fits the new core value of Wanbo ------- Freedom & unlimited, encouraging users to break the boundaries and explore the world freely with Wanbo.