Wanbo DaVinci 1 Pro Projector: Leading the New Wave of Audiovisuals

March 28, 2024 - Wanbo, in collaboration with the latest addition to the DaVinci series, the DaVinci 1 Pro Projector, is set to make a stunning debut! As a globally leading brand in smart audiovisual devices, Wanbo once again presents users with an unprecedented feast for the senses.

The launch of the DaVinci 1 Pro Projector marks a new milestone in projection technology. It's not just a product; it's a revolutionary upgrade to the viewing experience. With several unique features and outstanding performance, the DaVinci 1 Pro will bring users an unparalleled audiovisual experience.

Product Highlights:

1. Built-in Official 1080P Netflix: Enjoy content from platforms like Netflix with clearer images and more immersive experiences.

2. Supports 4K: Fully compatible with 4K resolution for sharper images and immersive viewing experiences.

3. Dual 8W Speakers and 420CC Large Sound Chamber: Powerful sound performance immerses you in music and movies.

4. Innovative Lens: Utilizes 3+1 non-spherical glass lenses for higher light transmission and better color and image fidelity.

5.PixelPro 5.0 Innovative Fully Enclosed Optical Engine: An optimized optical system delivers more realistic images.

6.600 ANSI Brightness: Measured against stringent brightness standards for clear and bright projection effects.

7. ASA 3.0 (All-Scene Smart Algorithm 3.0): Automatic focus, automatic keystone correction, automatic screen entry, and intelligent obstacle avoidance for a smarter operating experience.

8. Built-in Google OS: Seamless interface integration, one-click search for all related content, built-in Chromecast for streaming media without additional devices.

9. Voice Control Functionality: Easily control everything for a more intelligent and convenient operation.

10. Smart Home Connectivity: Connects to smart home devices to create a smart living space.

The Wanbo DaVinci 1 Pro projector will officially launch on March 28, 2024. Prior to this date, from March 17th to March 27th, you can enjoy the super early bird price of $279 USD on the official website (www.wanbostore.com) and AliExpress (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3256806252860610.html). Additionally, you will receive an extra complimentary dedicated screen and other surprises. Early bird offers are limited, so act fast! Starting March 28th, the projector will be available for purchase at the regular price of $399 USD (Don't forget to use the $110 USD discount coupon: DaVinci1Pro_PR01). Don't miss out on this opportunity to get the best price!

About Wanbo:

Wanbo is a leading global brand dedicated to the research and development of smart audiovisual devices. Continuously introducing cutting-edge products, Wanbo provides users with superior audiovisual experiences. In the future, Wanbo will continue to innovate to offer users more intelligent, convenient, and high-quality products and services.

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