Brand History

In March 2016, the Wanbo brand was officially established

In November 2017, Wanbo P5 was released - the first portable DLP projector

In July 2018, Wanbo S5 was released - the first portable DLP projector with electric focus

In May 2019, Wanbo Q6A was released - the first smallest mini pocket projector

In April 2020, Wanbo T2 Max was released - the smallest single LCD, full HD 1080P intelligent projector

December 2020 Wanbo T2R Max released -1080P intelligent projector with higher configuration within 10000 yuan for Wanbo

In May 2021, Wanbo X1 was released - Classic Home Intelligent Projector

Wanbo X1 MINI released in September 2021- handheld portable projector

In November 2021, Wanbo T6 Max was released - the first autofocus single LCD projector

In May 2022, Wanbo T6 Max won the 2022 German IF Design Award

In August 2022, Wanbo T3 was released - the first fully automatic focusing and fully automatic function projector

In January 2023, Wanbo became the world's first licensed Netflix LCD projector brand

In June 2023, Wanbo NEW T2 Max was released - redefining the ceiling of a thousand yuan projector