Wanbo: Emerging as the Leading Brand in Global Smart Home Theater Projectors, Wins "豐澤 FORTRESS 2023 Best Sales Award"

(On the left: Mr. Wang, CEO of Wanbo)

Wanbo, a global leader in smart home theater projectors, once again showcases its position of leadership and exceptional capabilities within the industry. The recognition of winning both the "豐澤 FORTRESS 2023 Best Sales Award" and the "2024 Global Excellence Awards - Business Excellence Award" serves as a testament to Wanbo's relentless pursuit of product innovation and outstanding quality.

Dedicated to becoming the premier global brand in smart home theater projectors, Wanbo consistently prioritizes product innovation. Since its inception, Wanbo has continually introduced forward-thinking and practical products, aiming to provide users with smarter and more convenient home theater experiences. Renowned for its high-definition displays, intelligent connectivity, and exceptional performance, Wanbo products are trusted and beloved by consumers worldwide.
In the competitions for the "豐澤 FORTRESS 2023 Best Sales Award" and the "2024 Global Excellence Awards - Business Excellence Award," Wanbo once again captures attention with its outstanding product quality and leading market performance. With a global cumulative sales figure exceeding 5,500,000 units and the honor of being recognized as the most innovative LCD projector manufacturer, Wanbo's products have garnered significant recognition and preference from consumers, showcasing the brand's strong global influence and competitive strength.

Wanbo acknowledges that these honors are a recognition of its continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation. In the future, Wanbo will uphold the principles of "customer first" and "innovation-driven," continuously introducing more cutting-edge smart home theater projector products to provide global users with superior and more intelligent audiovisual experiences, thereby contributing to the development and progress of the smart home theater industry.

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